At Street Style Soccer, The lessons offered are different from every coach in football. Street Styles Coach Arturo teaches foot skills and other skills needed to teach 1-1 panna. His mission was to develop the sport in America, one player at a time.


Street Style Soccer was founded in June of 2022. We are based in SoCal. Street Style provides training that teaches all aspects of the game. Our classes include beginner, intermediate, and advanced. We specialize in teaching technical skills to master the ball at your feet.


The Panna Coach

The master mind.


At the age of 7 was the beginning for my love of soccer. As time went on, my passion for the sport progressed than before I knew it. I found myself fulfilling my dreams. After high school is when the fun began. I immersed myself in the Panna culture. I watched YouTube videos learning every step. I woke up with Panna and went to sleep with Panna.
My hard work didn't go unfinished because soon after I was discovered by Bola. As a Bola member I began my influencer career. I've had the privilege to shoot with prestigious brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Electrolit. Also, I've been featured on David Guetta's World Cup music video and many more gigs. I've had the opportunity to play and compete against some of the legends such as Van Gils
With all my expertise, I decided that I would pursue a career as a soccer coach. I want to teach kids in the United States the beautiful sport of Panna.


To be Continued...

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